Bob Dylan's Harmonica Auctioned { 13 images } Created 10 Sep 2009

A life-long Bob Dylan fan splashed out 2,700 pounds (4,500 dollars, 3,100 euros) -- five times its estimated value -- to buy a harmonica once owned by the US music legend at auction on Thursday.
Electrician John Fellas admitted he had not yet told his wife about the purchase, after placing the winning bid at an auction in Norwich, eastern England.
"I read about it in a local newspaper yesterday and I just had to have it," he said. "I've just grown up with Dylan. I love him. And it's not every day you get a bit of Dylan memorabilia on sale in Norwich."
The mouth organ had been offered for sale with an estimate of 400-600 pounds. "I've got a wife who thinks I'm mad. I haven't told her about this yet," said Fellas.
Wearing Dylan-style sunglasses, he declined to give his age, saying he was taking the singer's approach to press interviewers.
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