Police Storage Compound { 66 images } Created 19 May 2009

An old aircraft hangar on a disused World War II aerodrome in the East Midlands is piled high with property confiscated from Britain's criminals under Proceeds of Crime Act. Outside the hangar is a row of about 100 cars: a two-year-old Mazda 5 sits next to a bashed-up BMW 3 Series; an ancient Rover saloon is parked alongside a £90,000 low-mileage midnight-blue BMW M6 cabriolet, the former pride and joy of an East Midlands crack dealer.

They've all been recovered during criminal investigations and will be stored here until a court orders that they be returned to their owners. More often they are sold off to pay for what a judge deems to be monies gained through criminal activities.

But it is what lies inside the warehouse that is of most interest. This is an Aladdin's cave, giving an insight into Britain's criminal tastes.
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